Factbox-Chinese tech firms dealing with ChatGPT-style innovation

BEIJING (Reuters) – The worldwide buzz around Microsoft chatbot ChatGPT has spread to China, supporting stocks in man-made brainpower (simulated intelligence) related firms and provoking a whirlwind of nearby organizations to report rival projects.

Like Microsoft and Google,Chinese tech monsters, for example, Baidu and Alibaba as well as more modest new businesses have been dealing with simulated intelligence projects for a really long time.

Chatbots in China for the most part center around friendly collaborations while ChatGPT, which gains from huge measures of information how to answer prompts by clients in a human-like way, performs better at additional expert errands, for example, programming and paper composing.

Here is a rundown of Chinese tech organizations that have as of late made declarations on simulated intelligence innovation:


Baidu Inc said on Feb. 7 it would finish interior testing of a ChatGPT-style project called “Ernie Bot” in Spring.


Alibaba Gathering on Feb. 8 said it is fostering a ChatGPT-style device right now in inward testing. The web based business monster said enormous language models and generative artificial intelligence have been areas of concentration since it shaped its exploration foundation Damo Foundation in 2017.


Tencent Possessions said on Feb. 9 is leading exploration on the ChatGPT-device innovation and the firm will keep on putting resources into man-made intelligence research in light of its ebb and flow specialized holds in establishment model, AI calculations and normal language handling.


Internet business organization JD.Com said on Feb. 10 it intends to send off an item like ChatGPT that it said will be called ChatJD and will be pointed toward serving other businesse.


Gaming firm NetEase plans to send enormous language models innovation to serve its schooling business, a source acquainted with the organization told Reuters on Feb. 8.

360 SECURITY Innovation INC

360 Security Innovation Inc said on Feb. 8 it had language model innovation yet that it couldn’t give an obvious sign on when it would send off any connected items.

KUAISHOU Innovation

Brief video application Kuaishou Innovation is leading exploration on huge language models, which it will use to further develop its items, for example, computer based intelligence client assistance, the public authority supported the Paper gave an account of Feb. 9.


Inspur Electronic Data Industry said on its financial backers connection site that it has long put resources into simulated intelligence Created Content (AIGC) from math, calculations to the use of the innovation.


Beijing based-versatile games firm Kunlun Tech said it intended to send off a Chinese form of ChatGPT this year whose code will be open source, the organization said on its WeChat account on Thursday.

The organization said in a different proclamation that on Wednesday it will implant ChatGPT into its Norway-based internet browser Drama.

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