Wednesday, June 3, 2020

12 Best Healthy foods that burn fat fast

Here’s a fact. Skipping meals will make you gain weight. When the body is deprived of food, the rate of metabolism slows down. This means that when food is actually consumed, it burns slow. The result? More is stored in fat tissue and less is burned even when you are physically active. Therefore, if you are concerned about losing a pound or two, you must stick to a well-planned diet during which you do not keep yourself from eating.

Health experts have come up with a list of food that burn fast, apart from satisfying your hunger. The science behind this is simply metabolism, the process by which complex substances are broken down to yield energy that is vital for all processes within cells. Food that burns fast boosts up the metabolism and starts adapting the body so that its calories are constantly wasted, even if you are engaged in a less physically demanding activity. In fact, the complete opposite of what happens if you don’t eat, occurs by consuming food that burns fast. Here are some food choices that you must consider;

  1. Citrus fruits – fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons, tomatoes and papayas are rich is vitamin C which is a fat-fighter. Vitamin C stimulates the release of Carnitine Acid which speeds up the dissolution of stored fat in tissue.
  2. Calcium rich dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt and curd are also, surprisingly, in the category of food that burns fast. When consumed in certain low quantities (one slice of cheese or two glasses of low-fat milk per day) the rate at which fat burns almost doubles. Also, calcium boosts bone strength and gives energy to get through a day without feeling lethargic or too hungry.
  3. Honey – honey mobilizes the extra fat in our diets. Cooking with a teaspoon full of honey not only make the meal delicious, but also help you stay slim
  4. Green tea – 2 – 4 cups a day is ideal for those of any age
  5. Fish oil – this food supplement helps the body shed up to 2 kilograms per month
  6. Olive oil – vital component of any combination of food that burns fats. With olive oil as an option, you can fry your food without worrying about extra calories
  7. Oatmeal – even if oat meal isn’t the tastiest thing you can eat, it has a lot of nutrition in it. Combining oatmeal with frozen fruits is a great way to make oatmeal tastier
  8. Beans – kidney, lime, navy, white, all beans cooked in any method are ideal food that burn fast
  9. Lean cut meats and other sources of protein such as fish and tuna
  10. Nuts – help you feel full, yet is a food that burns fast
  11. Chilies and cayenne pepper – adds flavor to your cooking and burns fat up to 20 minutes after consumption
  12. Apples – apple pectin reduces the fat absorption into the body. Apple is also great for your skin.

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